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Check out the articles and information. We hope you learn something new. 

You can find a lot of information on the Mayhaw. You can read about the history and even find information on growing Mayhaws. You can also send more Mayhaw information and we will post on the website and give you credit. 

A look in the past. Paul McLaughlin shows Mayhaw Chairperson, Sherri Odom,  a  sampling of mayhaw jelly. (click here to see the entire newspaper clipping)

* Mason Bee Information (click here
* Mason Bee - Judy Duhin, MEd (click here)
* Mason Bee - WSU (click here
* Mason Bee - LSU Ag. (click here

Why Compost? Click here to find good information on why you should compost and some great tips. Information presented by the UofA Division of Agriculture 

Fred Trappey and Roger Hinson share some good insight on commercial production budget for a mayhaw orchard (click here). 

Presented by John Pyzner
This is an overall good presention. Click here to see.

Click here for good estimated dates on the flowering period and full leaf period for Mayhaw Trees. 

All orchards, large or small, need fencing. Here is some information that may help you in the planning process (click here).

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